Welcome to the webpage of the ΕρΓΑ Lab dedicated on research in the area of applications of informatics in biology.

ΕρΓΑ addresses problems in scientific and geometric computing, with a current emphasis on algorithmic data science and machine learning. Our core expertise lies in computer algebra, the study and solution of polynomial equations, as well as computational, convex, and metric geometry. Based on software development, we employ our methods to the mathematical modeling of the physical world, with specific applications ranging from robotics and bioinformatics, to geometric modeling and VLSI design, up to meteorology and fintech. The Lab was founded in 2002 and is headed by Professor Ioannis Emiris.

ΕρΓΑ is part of the joint research team AROMATH affiliated with INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (France). The Lab is also affiliated with the Institute for the Management of Information Systems of ATHENA Research and Innovation Center, Athens.

This webpage provides, inter alia, a number of web tools and interfaces developed in the context of the “INSPIRED-ΕΚΠΑ” which is a subproject of “INSPIRED – The National Research Infrastructures on Integrated Structural Biology, Drug Screening Efforts & Drug target functional characterization”. INSPIRED combines studies on bioactive (macro)molecules interactions and biomarkers identification. ​ It offers services mainly in the field of biology, diagnostics and pharmacology, addressing the needs of the health sector with significant impact on agrofood and concerns a large number of organizations (potential users and collaborators). ​ It bridges basic research with the Industry and SMEs supporting innovative actions by either providing services or in the frame of funded programmes. Most of the researchers involved in the bioerga webpage participate in the “INSPIRED-ΕΚΠΑ” subproject.